In Tim Art we plan, design and make high quality custom made mascot costumes. That is – we make a mascot costume almost just the way you picture it. Our goal for the mascot is to serve its purpose for many years – to be the ambassador of your brand.

Does your mascot have to move a lot, ski or run maybe? Is it just going to wave and share handouts? We consider all that before designing the costume.

We plan high quality, but most of all, effective mascot costumes. All of them are made with precision along with a great amount of love and creativity. Most of our attention is devoted to making the costume look real and alive. We believe this is why clients from all over the world trust us (Football Club Ajax, European Basketball Championship 2013 and 2015, Fructal, Union Brewery, Museum of Gorenjska, Abanka, Tourist Office Kranj, NLB Vita, Netherlands National Football Team, DHL Denmark, Droga Kolinska, Crocs, Generali, GNK Dinamo Zagreb Football Club, Football Association of Slovenia, Medex, Mladinska knjiga, Volkswagen, RK Celje, Terme Olimia…)



We provide everything relating to mascots – from the idea of what kind of character to choose and how to use it, to character sketches, custom production, all the way to cleaning, potential repairs and accessory design. We sew clothes, headgear, moustache, beards and whiskers, bags, shoes or change their clothing to Santa gear or beach gear. In short, we produce every nice thing you can imagine for mascots.

We also beautify, clean and refresh your older costumes. For easier mascot transportation, we manufacture special suitcases and sew transport bags. For storage and expanding the mascot’s maximum life span we produce stands, where they can wait until next use and decorate the space at the same time.