Who needs a mascot

We recommend the mascot to anyone who wants a different way of promoting. It is an excellent promotional tool for businesses and organizations, sports clubs or schools. With mascots you create a positive spirit and strengthen your visibility.

Why do you need a mascot

You simply must have a mascot! In sports, mascot builds positive approach to cheering, strengthens the brand in business world and helps schools and organizations to identify themselves with character and affiliation.

How to get a mascot

You need a reliable manufacturer who will produce high quality mascot, will never miss deadlines and will professionally guide you through the process all the way to superbly manufactured mascot. And this producer can only be Tim Art.

Mascot match with a production sketch

When making a mascot, it is important that you are familiar with the manufacturing process and what will be mascot’s final appearance. In Tim Art we put big emphasis on that. This is why we make a free production sketch after receiving your order, according to which we produce the mascot. In production, we achieve an extreme match between the final appearance of the mascot and the production sketch.

Production sketch

When ordering mascots with us, we produce a free computer generated production sketch. The production sketch serves to review the overall appearance of the mascot, the layout of the logos, the suitability of colors and the height of the animator. Production begins after production sketch is confirmed. On the basis of the production sketch, we prepare material selection.


After confirming production sketch, we create the mold. It is a design-based head or construction made of foam. To create mold’s, we use different types of high quality foam. Many years of experience in 3D tailoring helps us to achieve outstanding results. Until the mold is fully polished, we do not continue with works on the mascot.


After all confirmations work on mascot continues. When we are satisfied with overall appearance of the mascot, we send you various images from which you can see it from all sides. You can also see some options for animation with the mascot. When you are satisfied with the mascot, we prepare it to go to its new home.


Every mascot is unique, a story for itself. It is therefore important that we use only the best materials and tools in our work. In our work we use computer 2D and 3D illustrations. With our large format and high resolution printer, we print all possible graphical designs. Details on mascots are emphasized with airbrush technique. In our work we use industrial machines, ecological glue, specially designed dense and light foam, which prolongs mascot’s life line and high quality materials (we have over 5000 m of material in stock). You can read more about the process of making mascots here.


Taking care of our clients

We treat each client equally, without exception. That is why our team of experts, from demand to realization, leads you through all the procedures. We treat our customers the way we want our suppliers to treat us. We inform you all the time about the status of your order, procedures and further steps. This can be confirmed by more than 2000 satisfied clients who have received over 3000 mascots. Satisfied customers come from more than 30 countries around the world.

We never miss deadlines

In Tim Art we take deadlines extremely seriously. Agreed deadline is a commitment for us to make and deliver the mascot in time.
In all of the years of making mascots, we haven’t missed a single agreed deadline.And that’s what counts.

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Mascots in action

Your mascots are also our children. We are happy about each and every photo of them in action. We will gladly include your mascot in our cleaning and maintenance program, where we will ensure that it will be in its best shape at any stage of its life.

Mascot production Tim Art

By using modern technology and high-quality materials,
our designers create aesthetically perfect and high quality mascots.
Welcome to our production

They said about us


I have a nice story to tell. You have made this Red Bell mascot for a music orchestra.  15 years ago they made one them selves, that was very heavy and not so nice looking. They had gathered money to finally buy a new one and a professional one.
One oft he ladies brought her daughter that is mentally handicaped. Turns out to be that she is always the one that goes into the costume.
They opened the box and took the mascot out. This lady whos daughter is in the costumes all the time starts to cry, to see her daughter so happy with the new very light and great looking costume.
It was even better than she expected. Kept crying till she left.
She asked me to thanks you guys for an excellent job! So here it is.  You guys are not just making costumes but are also making a lot of people happy this way. Never forget !!!!

ChrisFun Experts, maskota Red Bell

Mio went to Dutch event, holidayfair, were all the big holidayparks are. We thought that we had the most beautiful and best fitting mascot from all :) Other actors were jealous on innerside of mascot Mio.

Dormio Resort Maastrichtmascot Mio
Needle prince

Client loooooooves the Needle Price. He sended super big thankyou’s for having the mascot
ready this soon and the amazing work!!

Eveline Tol
Eveline Tolmascot Needle prince
mascot Scrible

We really, really love our mascot and we are super happy with result and quality.

Please give big compliments to the production team.  Mascot was made from very nice materials, high quality seams, and all details of the design were lovingly taken into account.

Also many thanks for the fast production.

Werne Marketing GMBHmascot Scrible
mascot Plutzke

Plutzke is impossible to miss now in our supermarket. The children love him and the parents have to go shopping in the supermarket because of the possibility to meet Plutzke. Thank you for the delivery of this beautiful costume!

Marielle Lutz-Duquesnoij, Plus Lutzmascot Plutzke

This costume from Koenie looks really cool! Our compliments, we are really happy with it. We are going to use it at the ‘Venloop’ in Venlo. We expect to be given a lot of exposure with it.

Cristel PepelsKoenen & Co

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