Firbcologi and making a mascot


Author of photos: Borut Gale

Firbcologi is a popular children's show on RTV Slovenija, where "curiosity" has the lead role. It was just a matter of time when "curiosity" finds its way through our magic doors.  And so, two  curious fellows entered the world of mascot making and a magical place where mascots are born. We thought them how much work is needed for one mascot to be born. And how much good will. And yes, it is true, mascot making is not successful when magic powder of good will and imagination are present. In our case curiosity didn't kill the cat as they say;),  it just made our fellows work a bit and sewn some materials:). And to finish off with a smile, our mascot Tia, surprised them:). We are really looking forward to the show and in case you would like to know more about it and the mascot making part you can visit this website: