CROCS summer is around the corner


Admit it. We are sure you had (or still have) at least one pair of Crocs in your closet. Tim Art also has them. Cause we think Crocs are cool. And because we think everyone in Intersocks (distributor) are great. Among other things, they trusted us with making their Crocs mascots. Can you imagine a giant Crocs mascot walking up and down of Čopova street? Unforgettable. But this time mascots Crocs were not the stars of Style event - great Crocs party. This time biggest stars were fun, playful, summer and fashionable Crocs shoes. Yeah, that's right. Fashionable. Crocs are this days not only comfortable sleepers but also fashionable shoes you can wear on a night in town. Even though we didn't notice Crocs mascots at this party (what a pity), a part of us was present there. We made sure that CROCS name was visible and recognizable even from 100 m away. Green 3d letters CROCS have therefore become a part of a great display and fun and awesome event.