Mascot Bansi



Mascot Bansi, RTV Slovenija's mascot, is a great example of a mascot, that has been "on the field" for 8 years. Would you say that Bansi is already 8 years old? Hardly, right? At RTV Slovenija they know how to use a mascot. They know that when you give mascot a voice, it has to be always the same. That is why, well known Slovenian actor Zvone Hribar is always lending his voice to mascot Bansi. We are really happy to see mascot Bansi all the time, as well on TV as on the field. We could easily say that Bansi is like Chuck Norris - always in action.  As well on the meadow where there is something going on, at the Vet's, in school or in studio doin' his show. Go Bansi.