The beginning of mascot

You have a design and want a mascot? Then you’re in the right place!

Send us an inquiry and a 2D design, and we will prepare you an offer.

We reply to inquiries within 1 working day at the most! In cases when you don’t have a design yet, our illustrators will be happy to develop one for you.

Some examples of our designs can be found here.

  • DESIGN_1
  • DESIGN_2
  • DESIGN_3
  • DESIGN_4
  • SKICE_1
  • SKICE_2
  • SKICE_3
  • SKICE_4

Production sketch

On basis of the design we create a production sketch, which makes it easier for you to imagine final appearance of the mascot on animator.

We adjust production sketch to your satisfaction, which means we begin production only after final approval of the production sketch.


We have over 5000 meters of materials on stock from which we can create your mascot.

We always make sure to use only high quality materials that contribute to awesome appearance of your mascot and its quality.

  • MOLDI_2
  • MOLDI_3
  • MOLDI_4
  • MOLDI_1


Mascots are made from high quality foam produced specifically for us. Special foam allows us to create many details.

When making the mold, we make sure to capture the charm and expression of your mascot. We make sure that mold is made in high quality so the mascot will have a long lifetime.

When you’re satisfied with the mold, we continue with works.


Designers make patterns for clothing and footwear. They take special consideration on the appearance but they also give special attention to comfort of wearing a mascot.

In case you want the mascot to have a logo or inscription on the clothing, we can easily print it on our own high resolution printers and apply it to clothes.

  • END_3
  • END_2
  • END_4

Finishing mascot

When mascot is fully made, we finally check all the parts. We put on the mascot and check it for comfort. At this stage, we also take photos and provide you with pictures for confirmation.

After your confirmation, we hug the mascot for the last time. Then we pack it and prepare for shipping.

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