promotional gifts

Besides your mascot, your character can also come alive in form of personalized promotional gifts. This means that your targeted audience can get your mascot in the form of a promotional gift to take home and be as such a constant reminder of who you are and what you offer.

We believe that only well-thought-out and fine gifts we always want to use are effective. For fun or for everyday use.

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Plush toys, 2d keychains, temporary tattoos
and more

Whether it’s for 2D or 3D keyring, a demanding 3D plastic or flexible model, or maybe just a T-shirt with a logo, we’re here to advise you.

We believe that every mascot must always have a little promotional gift to give away. For you, we can develop your idea to the extent that it becomes a great promotional gift, or we completely surprise you with our own creative solutions.

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