Mascot match with a
production sketch

When making mascot, it is important that you are familiar with the manufacturing process and what will be its final appearance.

In Tim Art, we put a lot of emphasis on this. Therefore, after your order is placed, we prepare a free production sketch according to which we make a mascot.

We can say with ease that we achieve an extreme matching of final look of the mascot with the production sketch.


Paying special attention on
mascot expression

In Art Art we always pay special attention to mascot expression.

When making eyes, we use a technique that gives the eyes a distinct shine. Big shiny eyes and a big smile give mascots special charm and attract attention, which is ultimately the purpose of your mascot.

With airbrush technique we emphasize special lines on the face or other parts. With this technique, we also emphasize the details.

We give special attention to each mascot as long as we are not fully satisfied with the end result.

3D visuals

For more demanding clients, we offer 3D production visual.

Our experienced designers create 3D template that allows you to preview your mascot from all sides.



Every mascot is unique, a story for itself. It is therefore important that we use only the best materials and tools in our work.

We use computer 2D and 3D designs. With our large format and high resolution printer, we print all possible logos or inscriptions.

Details on mascots are emphasized with airbrush technique. In Tim Art we use industrial machines, ecological glue, high quality materials (we have over 5000 m of material in stock) and specially designed dense and light foam which enables mascots to have longer life.

Wearing comfort
for the animator

Tim Art mascots are designed and created in a way that gives users greater comfort. Special emphasis is placed on visibility, dynamic usage and light movement.

We offer the installation of a fan system that is very helpful in animation. Our mascots interior is made in a special way, so it also easier to maintain and clean.

For safety, our footwear has a high-quality anti-slip rubber and special safety system to keep shoes in place.

We take deadlines

In Tim Art we take deadlines extremely seriously. Agreed deadline is a commitment for us to make the mascot in time and deliver it to the client.

In all of the years of making mascots, we haven’t missed a single agreed deadline. And that’s what counts.

Easier maintenance
for the client

Tim Art mascots are easier to maintain and clean. We do however also offer a service of mascot professional cleaning.

Read more about cleaning and maintenance here.


Mascot needs to be taken care of even when it is not in use.

This is why we offer you high quality transport bags, stands and protective boxes for storing mascots. You can read more about mascots here.

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