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Mascot Miško Polo

      We made a really lovely mascot (lab mouse) for a well know Slovenian company Mikro Polo d.o.o.. Company decided for a mascot because they wanted to make their company even more known.  Mascot Miško Polo represents a lab mouse that symbolizes energy, love and passion for lab environment. Mascot Mišo Polo was […]

Maček Muri and Muca copatarica at a book fair

There is not a soul in Slovenia that doesn’t know Maček Muri and Muca copatarica. They are loved and adored by old (although still young at heart) and young. We are proud to say we made both mascots. As well mascot Maček Muri as mascot Muca copatarica. There was also a proud moment for Tim […]

Firbcologi and making a mascot

                              Author of photos: Borut Gale Firbcologi is a popular children’s show on RTV Slovenija, where “curiosity” has the lead role. It was just a matter of time when “curiosity” finds its way through our magic doors.  And so, two  curious fellows entered […]

Maskota Eurobasket 2017 – Slobasket 2017

Tim Art je izdeloval zadnje tri maskote za Eurobasket: maskota Lipko (kdo se jo ne spomni), maskota Fireball Frenkie in maskota Sam Dunk. Ja, maskota Sam Dunk. Ali bo ta maskota končno prinesla srečo naši ekipi? Po včeraj videnem je morda celo ne potrebujejo;). Dragičizmi in Donkičizmi  – kakor bi pri nas poimenovali prefinjena zabijanja […]

Mascot Bansi

Mascot Bansi, RTV Slovenija’s mascot, is a great example of a mascot, that has been “on the field” for 8 years. Would you say that Bansi is already 8 years old? Hardly, right? At RTV Slovenija they know how to use a mascot. They know that when you give mascot a voice, it has to […]

Mascot Allsecur – for safety

Mascot Allsecur was anxiously expected in the Netherlands. This was one of the nicest campaigns for introducing the mascot.  Firstly teaser was prepared, that the mascot is coming. And once mascot Allsecur arrived, they even photographed the truck the mascot drove in to the Netherlands. After that a mascot shoe was published and at the very […]

CROCS summer is around the corner

                          Admit it. We are sure you had (or still have) at least one pair of Crocs in your closet. Tim Art also has them. Cause we think Crocs are cool. And because we think everyone in Intersocks (distributor) are great. Among other things, […]

Sporty mascot Caterpillar Biba

                                                The children from Slovene town of Idrija are going to remember this summer by the new town’s resident – a colorful caterpillar mascot Biba. Mascot Biba helps little feet to learn […]

A Mascot Costume after 65 Years

Popular Kompas’s Janez has, besides being a 2D character, finally come to life as a real mascot. At Tim Art we could not be more proud and privileged to be able to work on this project together with lovely girls and boys Kompas agency. We wish Janez a happy 65th birthday and may he enjoy […]

Kompasov Janez v novi preobleki in v obliki maskote

Ob 65 rojstnem dnevu, so se v turistični agenciji Kompas odločili, da oživijo enega izmed najbolj prepoznavnih slovenskih likov – Kompasovega Janeza. Dolgoletni popotnik in Kompasov zvesti sopotnik je luč sveta prvič ugledal leta 1971. Njegov idejni oče je Janez Slabe, na papir pa je idejo prenesel Sandi Škerlavaj. V Tim Artu smo Janezu pomagali […]